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Kevin Campion's microphone.
Kevin Campion's drums.


Freeport, NY


Classic Rock, Irish Folk,

Soul, Rhythm & Blues

Years Active:

Until The Reaper Appears


Kevin Campion

Just who is... The Grizz?

Kevin grew up on the south shores of Long Island, eventually relocating to northeast Pennsylvania where he and his wife, Kathy, raised their daughters.  His greatest loves of boating, good friends, and music weaved together throughout his life like the threads of a Celtic knot.  In the year 2000, Kevin began composing and recording his own original songs.  His styles pay homage to artists like Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Gordon Lightfoot, and Bob Marley.  With the support of a few friends and the undying patience of his wife, Kevin's devotion to music still thrives.  He is booked in local bars and restaurants across the Northern Poconos and, on occasion, makes his way back to NY for a show.  Check out the rest of the site for a list of upcoming dates and for a glimpse at the heart and soul of the man known as...Grizz.  

celtic knot
Kevin Campion's piano.
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