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Each of Kevin's original songs has a unique story behind it.  Read on to learn a bit more about some of our favorites.
The Bayhouse

By Kevin Campion


Not long ago, I went to the place

Where the little white house once stood

All the great times we had just flooded my head

I would turn back the clock if I could


I heard the laughter of friends, all their faces so young

I caught the scent of some freshly baked clams

I heard the call, “One and all, there’s a boat high aground,

And to free her requires all hands”


I saw the great fields of grass where we often took walks

And where our children once played in the sand

I felt the warmth of the stove, the smell of its smoke

I heard the winging of gulls as they land


I saw the thick fog at night, we lit a fire so bright

And the floodtide had covered the shore

The lost boats drifting up like moths to a light

We heard the bell from the buoy offshore


(Guitar Solo)



On a cold day in December back in 92

A nor’easter began its great roar

The wind had its way as it tore up the Bay

And the merciless waves smashed the shore


On the mainland we watched from so far away

Helpless to do much more

That precious white house at the end of the creek

By midnight it was no more



As I sat with my thoughts and the sun in my face

And a feeling of such peace and calm

Though the house on the bay no longer exists

These memories will always live on


So here’s a toast to my wife and my friends of the bay

And two good men that this place brings to mind

Let’s hoist our tankards in thanks to both Pop and Muldoon

For the greatest gift of all time


(Guitar Solo to end)

The Bayhouse - Kevin Campion
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Our bayhouse on long island.  Called Little America.
Downhill Man

By Kevin Campion


(Guitar Intro)


They call him the Doc, we won’t go there

He aint all too big and he aint got much hair

But he’s a cool old dude, he’s a kind old soul


That old Doc Smith, he’s a pisser

His old lady left him and he don’t even miss her

He takes it all in stride, a type B personality


(Chorus 1):

He lives in his old hut

The windows always shut

It’s hotter than hell night and day

But, if you’re down on your luck

And you need a place to stay

The Doc will never turn you away


If he hears somebody talkin’, they try to do you wrong

The Doc will set ‘em straight, he don’t sing that kind of song

He’s a good old boy, he’s a straight shootin’ man


(Guitar Solo)


(Chorus 2):

If you go to take a walk

And you try to head up hill

“What kind of fool do you think I am?”

“I don’t huff and puff,

That’s for Jack and Jill,

And I’m the Downhill Man”


That old Doc Smith, he’s my friend

He lives far away now, but I see him when I can

He’s a cool old dude, but he’s a downhill man


 (Guitar Solo-fade to end)

Downhill Man - Kevin Campion
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Dennis Smith a.k.a. Doc Smith on a boating trip
Richie Muldowney, FDNY

By Kevin Campion


I remember those days so long ago

Drinking and laughing with you

Then we hit the bars ‘till late at night

As young people often do

No worries mate, we both had jobs

That any fools could do

We gave it hell, we tore up the world

It was all we really knew


As time went by, our lives had changed

My family began to grow

And you left your string of nowhere jobs

To play your rightful roll

You unleashed your boundless energy

Saving lives became your goal

This was always in the cards for you

It was deep within your soul


When the evil ones had come that day

It all seemed so insane

Your friends were left to ponder

Your family to bear the pain

But something rose out from the dust that day

It wasn’t all in vain

You gave us hope and pride to see us through

And it helps to ease our pain


And now when I look back

To those days so long ago

I had no idea just who you were

One never really knows

You’ve taught us all, my friend, what courage is

Now we all look up to you

And though your family feels the awesome pain

So proud they are of you


On that fateful day I saw on TV

The buildings came crashing down

You were stationed nearby when the evil struck

I feared you’d hurried toward the sound

As so often happens when fate plays it’s game

We don’t get to say what’s true

And with the fear to bear our souls so great

Is it too late to say, “I love you”?

Do the notes break down the barriers

Of distance and of time?

If I strum the strings just so

Does my soul cross over the line?

Is there something I can play

So you can hear me say goodbye?

And to tell you that I love you

My old friend, I’m gonna’ try

Richie Muldowney, FDNY - Kevin Campion
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New York Firefighter Richard T. Muldowney, Jr. a.k.a. Muldoon
FDNY heading in to the Wold Trade Center on September 11th
My Best Friend

 By Kevin Campion


On a clear June day such a long time ago

I found her warm and true

We set the game aside, to be ourselves was enough

A feeling so refreshing and so new


As I look back upon my life, all the great times I’ve had

And yet the bad times have taken their toll

I thank God I met my mate, my lover, my best friend

This person who completes my soul


I’ve witnessed her strength through such tough times

Her humor and laughter shining through

She’s so much to so many, she’s always been straight

Well she’s cool, she’s cool, she’s cool, she’s so cool!


As I think back so long ago to that gorgeous day in June

The air so warm and so still

I loved her then, I love her now

And I know that I always will

My Best Friend - Kevin Campion
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Kathy Campion, wife, mother, cool cool cool
Kevin and Kathy Campion at the Narrowsburg Inn
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